Marlena is actually shocked and you will says to Stefano the guy can not destroy Kate as the the guy loves the lady

Marlena is actually shocked and you will says to Stefano the guy can not destroy Kate as the the guy loves the lady

Marlena expands an aggravation and you can Stefano texts the lady. The guy requires the lady to assist servers a party that have him and you can their pupils, and you will Marlena asks if John is indeed there. Stefano tells within Marlena so you can ignore John, immediately after which apologizes. Marlena claims she must get back to John following tickets away. When she gets up, Stefano calls their their king, and you can she calls your the lady king.

Stefano is actually grateful to hear one Marlena has called your this lady queen. According to him one to their guy handling unwelcome visitors, namely Kate and you can Gabi. Stefano says she deceived your that have Ian McAllister. Marlena forbids him out of eliminating Kate as the she actually is the woman buddy. Stefano and you will Marlena start dance, but she claims she can’t accomplish that and you can operates away from.

Stefano reminds Marlena one Kate assists Gina’s get back a secret, and you will prompts the girl to reside in the present

Another day, Stefano are to relax and play chess when Marlena strolls on the area. Stefano gets up and you may says to Marlena he skipped their, however, the guy didn’t have to wake her. Marlena mentioned that she had a hard time resting just like the some body is actually for her brain. Stefano assumed it absolutely was John, but Marlena said it had been Kate and you can Gabi. She would not assist Stefano destroy him or her and you may endangered simply to walk out of him forever in the event that he killed her or him.

Stefano relented and phoned Chad. He told Chad they’d most other issues to attend to, and bought him to ensure she got the family together. Stefano informed your however perhaps not put up with any more downfalls. Stefano proposed to help you Marlena, and you can she accepted. Stefano try thrilled to come across Kristen and you may Tony. He apologized so you’re able to Tony to own not discussing themselves when you look at the Prague. Kristen and you may Tony pondered what is the family members fulfilling involved Stefano said these people were probably their wedding so you’re able to Marlena far to help you Tony and Kristen’s shock.

Tony refused to believe Marlena manage wed Stefano of her very own totally free will and you will implicated Stefano and you can Rolf regarding brainwashing their. Kristen and Tony was indeed even more surprised one in the Chad’s docile compliance and you will Tony know Stefano had and brainwashed Chad. Stefano told you Chad has become his favorite child, who will carry out the ceremony. Kristen and you will Tony would not be involved, and you can

Stefano told you he had been disappointed, however astonished. The guy looked to Kristen and said she denied him when he required her help. Then he considered Tony and you may said that he had been ruled from the their spouse. Kristen decided to go to label the police, however, Chad removed a gun in it and you may demanded they give him the cell phones. Tony and you may Kristen did thus, and you can saw Chad get married Stefano and you can Marlena. Stefano upcoming took their fiance upstairs so you’re able to consummate its relationship.

As Stefano and you may Marlena was regarding the throes of their lovemaking, she had to wake-up

John bust and you can become fighting Stefano, in the course of time holding your within gunpoint, however, Marlena banged John out of behind. They read gunfire, and you can Stefano wanted to see just what is going on, but wished to finish John out-of very first. Marlena told you she’d do it, and Stefano went back into the main place in which he discovered Brady was test.

Tony told Stefano one to Chad would take Kristen. Stefano expected if it was true, and Chad said she ended up selling her or him away. Brady said she did not, and you may Tony informed Stefano that he think he wanted these to work together due to the fact a family group. Stefano said he performed and toon the fresh weapon away from Chad. Kristen talked Stefano towards the permitting them to dump Brady, therefore Stefano had Chad simply take Kirsten and you can Brady upstairs, so he’s addressed.