The girl connection with Helicopter exists to your a few levels

The girl connection with Helicopter exists to your a few levels

When you look at the raid towards the Onigashima, Robin answered Sanji’s plea to have help when he are caught because of the Indianapolis IN sugar baby Black Maria, afterwards thanking him to possess counting on this lady. During the the woman struggle with Black Maria if the Tobiroppo associate started insulting Sanji because the good laughingstock to possess needing the woman let, Robin simply mentioned that Sanji is actually a type-hearted person and you can him counting on the girl mode a whole lot in order to the woman, even saying they are deserving sufficient to become called among brand new “wings” of Pirate Queen.

Tony Tony Helicopter

Very first, towards a comparatively maternal level, because the she finds out your an effective “lovable nothing furball”, due to the fact she serves a little motherly on the Helicopter – alternatively which have Nami’s tougher grip. Secondly, to your an emotional height, in which she snacks Chopper quite eg an equal with their common mental activities and you can passion for instructions. The lady affection for Helicopter seemingly have enhanced pursuing the timeskip, as the following battle regarding the Fish-Man Island arch, when Helicopter exhausts himself considerably by using his Beast Part, Robin happily rests your on her lap as he actually starts to fall. Robin will also have fun with the woman Devil Fresh fruit capacity to fool around with him, including tickling him otherwise and also make your roll over. So it caring treatment solutions are not overlooked because of the Chopper given that seen in new Davy Straight back Struggle when Porche is delivering too grabby which have Chopper so that the doctor went to Robin and she kept your regarding female pirate. As well as, it is revealed in the Punk Threat arc, when Laws put Franky for the Chopper’s system, she is actually shown to be greatly displeased since the Franky made extremely raunchy confronts and you may spoke whilst in Chopper’s system, hence she told your not to would either action previously.


Robin will get together better with Franky.¬†He has got a unique bond, given that he’s the original reputation outside the Straw Limits who was ready to strive on her behalf lifetime (during the Enies Lobby). Ever since then, Robin and you can Franky was in fact a suitable duo in various circumstances and you may fights, such as for example toward Enies Lobby,¬†Thriller Bark, and you may Punk Threat, as well as in low-cannon minutes during the video clips and you may specials. One of these is their working together to bring down and you will absolutely hurt Spandam due to the fact they both watched him given that a mutual challenger due to the torture he had subjected them to.

This lady has a lot in accordance which have your due to the fact both was basically wished because of the World Government’s Cipher Pol once they was indeed people even with being simple plus they each other watched their family lost from the Globe Government before her or him. Each of them has shared an effective heartwarming philosophical union over brand new evil (otherwise shortage of evil) found in a risky items otherwise person present. Franky’s staunch devotion on conditions of their master, that simply existing is not a criminal activity, and no amount what, individuals (or something like that) need to be proud of the lifestyle, gone Robin since she sensed the newest morality out of her very own existence while being able to awakening the Old Firearms. Franky is one which you can expect to connect with her the absolute most on fact that she are hunted given that she can be acquired, he had been also chased because of the bodies. In the event Franky have to know the actual Robin only eventually during the Enies Reception, he says he failed to predict their are this kind in which he cannot most faith everything they say about the girl. He also says to Robin in order to cheer-up given that she’s got family unit members available to choose from that happen to be willing to chance their lifestyle to store the lady. The guy demonstrates the truth that although Robin in reality retains the fresh extremely unsafe element around the globe, provided she cannot fall under your hands of one’s bodies and you will she isn’t really prepared to use their capacity to destroy the world, she actually unsafe of the burning the brand new blueprints and you can gambling toward Straw Limits that they’ll cut Robin. Franky got the chance to getting away from getting focused from the authorities once more if the the guy hand Robin more, but Franky declines the deal. Immediately after getting asked why he or she is saving individuals like this when he’s not actually a good pirate, Franky reacts that he’s not just gone from the Straw Limits fight to possess Robin it has actually then offered your the chance to need his enough time overdue revenge facing Spandam.